• Colin Murphy, President / Head of Sales

    President and Co-Owner of Bungalow Scenic Studios, has over 20 years of experience creating scenic solutions as well as forming and managing scenic design organizations supporting the entertainment industry and corporate meetings. Colin was educated in Theater Design and Management at the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston Salem, NC.

    Random Fact: Colin will scream like a little girl at the mere thought of maybe seeing a mouse.

  • Travis Campbell, Account Executive

    Travis Campbell has over 20 years of hands on experience in the shop before moving to the sales department. A true Jack-of-all-Trades, Travis is proficient in everything from wood/metal fabrication to fiberglass to sculpting and scenic painting. His experience helps him provide spot-on pricing within any budget.

    Random Fact: I do all my own stunts and I only dance at gunpoint.

  • Dave Harman, Account Executive

    Originally from Southern CA, Dave has been with bungalow since 2011. He previously worked as a freelance scenic artist and managed a silk screen shop.

    Random Fact: Is actually independently wealthy, and just does this for the pure love of the craft.

  • Oz Osnowitz, Account Executive

    Oz got his start in legitimate theatre in 1982 building scenery, and then earned a bachelor’s degree in theatre production (minor in art & design). Oz worked in several regional theatres as technical director and shop foreman.

    In 1992 Oz ‘discovered’ the corporate theatre/themed interior scenery market and spent several years working as a carpenter, then a lead, and then a project manager for an Orlando scene shop. After 2 years of bus and truck touring Oklahoma! and Oliver! Oz helped to start up a new Orlando shop as shop foreman. Then in 2001 Oz opened Behind the Curtain Productions to provide freelance production carpenter services. Since joining Bungalow in May of 2018 Oz has worked as an account executive.

    Random Fact: Oz is a little CDO. That’s like OCD, but the letters are in alphabetical order LIKE THEY BELONG.

  • Charlene Wilder, Account Executive

    Charlene has over 15 years in the administrative field, she has a BS in Operations Management and AA in Business Information Systems. She has worked as an admin/accounting assistant with hotels, construction, and labor companies. Charlene joined Bungalow as the Sales Assistant in October of 2017.

    Random Fact: Charlene believes the word 'effort' starts with an A because of the famous line "You get an A for Effort."