• Mark Gentry, Vice President / Head of Production

    Vice President and Co- Owner of Bungalow Scenic Studios, Mark has over 20 years of technical direction and scenic design experience. He graduated from University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 1993 with a degree in Technical Direction.

    In 2011 Mark and Colin formed Bungalow Scenic Studios. Mark’s main focus is the production of shows. However, he has his hands into everything and if you’re lucky, you might even find him on your job site!

    Random Fact: Mark's middle name is “Donut Killer” ...Seriously.

  • Erin Hodges, Lead Scenic Designer

    As the Lead Scenic Designer for Bungalow Scenic Studios, Erin brings a wealth of experience in graphic design, illustration, and scenic design to fully enhance her work. Almost entirely sustained by Diet Coke and Pop-Tarts, Erin accomplishes her work with intense dedication and attention to detail every day, all while maintaining perfect balance on 3 inch heels.

    Random Fact: Erin is a firm practitioner of early luncheons— if you’re eating your lunch Pop-Tart at Noon, you’ve already waited 3 years too long.

  • Marian Jones, Scenic Designer

    Marian is one of the newer faces around Bungalow and will be completing her education in Theatrical Design and Technology at UCF in the Fall of 2018. She matches Erin with her dedication and work ethic as well as her diet of Coke and Pop-Tarts, which she faithfully brings to work everyday in her light up Wonder Woman lunchbox.

    Random Fact: Marian is a Trekkie, with a Trekkie twin, born and raised by an Original Trekkie.

  • Todd King, Head of Production Management

    Todd has over 20 years in themed scenic experience and has worked on many scenic and permanent installations across the country. His range of skills and product knowledge help him to successfully lead our Production teams. Todd joined Bungalow in May of 2016.

    Random Fact: He has a deep appreciation for pigs.

  • Miranda Miller, Project Manager/Themed

    Miranda has over 18 years of scenic design and fabrication experience. Starting out in the field as a scenic artist and working her way up through lead management for a wide range of projects including theme park environments, music, television, and game show sets, as well as corporate events. She now applies all that experience and product knowledge to sales and art direction to make sure her clients design intents are met in budget.

    Her determination to make every event a success has made her an invaluable member of the Bungalow blah, blah, more awesome things about Miranda...

    Random Fact: I can put lipstick on with my foot! Or at least I could a few years back. Haven’t tried in a while : /

  • Eddie Perez, Lead Graphics

    Eddie is a Graphic Designer and has been with Bungalow since 2016. Originally working as a screen printer, he transitioned into the event business and consistently creates high quality projects with his extensive design skills. Eddie married his high school sweetheart and is the proud father of twin girls. Fun challenge: try and spot Eddie without his socks on... (hint: it's not possible)

    Random Fact: His shoes and hat always match.

  • Marshall Riley, Project Manager

    Marshall Riley Project Manager of Bungalow Scenic Studios, has over 25 years of experience producing corporate events with progressive expertise and leadership skills in developing themed concepts and carrying them through from inception to reality. Marshall graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree Liberal Studies, Business Administration Minor.

    Random Fact: Listens to N.P.R. and Classical music but NEVER at the same time.

  • Doug Root, Project Manager

    A Michigan Boy, Doug has been in the industry for longer than he will admit. He brings with him to Bungalow 20 years of experience as Master Machine Builder at L&L Machine Tool till 1987 when he worked as General Manager and Production Coordinator for many well know staging companies in the industry.

    Random Fact: If you can do math you already know I’m an old Fart.