• Erin Hodges, Lead Scenic Designer

    As the Lead Scenic Designer for Bungalow Scenic Studios, Erin brings a wealth of experience in graphic design, illustration, and scenic design to fully enhance her work. Almost entirely sustained by Diet Coke and Pop-Tarts, Erin accomplishes her work with intense dedication and attention to detail every day, all while maintaining perfect balance on 3 inch heels.

    Random Fact: Erin is a firm practitioner of early luncheons— if you’re eating your lunch Pop-Tart at Noon, you’ve already waited 3 years too long.

  • Eddie Perez, Lead Graphics

    Eddie is a Graphic Designer and has been with Bungalow since 2016. Originally working as a screen printer, he transitioned into the event business and consistently creates high quality projects with his extensive design skills. Eddie married his high school sweetheart and is the proud father of twin girls. Fun challenge: try and spot Eddie without his socks on... (hint: it's not possible)

    Random Fact: His shoes and hat always match.

  • Ronnie Carrington, Lead Carpenter

    Ronnie is originally from Bridgetown, Barbados. He found his passion for building and fabrication at the age of 8 landing his first job in upholstery. At the age of 10, Ronnie single-handedly designed and built an addition to his grandmothers home. At the age of 16, Ronnie came to America and shortly thereafter began his career as a carpenter. Ronnie joined the Bungalow team in 2014 and quickly was recognized for his positive attitude, work ethic and leadership skills. Ronnie is currently the lead of the Carpentry department at Bungalow.

    Random Fact: I used to be a dancer.

  • Anthony Alessi, Drafting Supervisor

    Originally from Long Island, NY, I received my education at Syracuse University School of Architecture where I studied architectural principles and philosophies and learned the winters are too darn cold in the North.

    After relocating to Florida, I started my 25 year journey in the architectural millwork design, fabrication and installation arenas in the greater Orlando area. Having experience in many theme park, hotel and restaurant projects has provided me the ability to tackle many of the challenging projects here at Bungalow Scenic Studios over the last year with rewarding success.

    Random Fact: I’m a recovering GOLF-aholic….?

  • John Lopera, CNC/Logistics

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, John has been in the Event Industry for nine years and joined Bungalow Scenic as the Warehouse Manager in 2013.

    Random Fact: I was born in New Jersey but Florida took away the bad attitude I was born with. Kidding, I still have it!!

  • Dillon Powell, Welding Department Lead

    Dillon is a graduate of The State University of New York at Oswego receiving a Bachelors degree in Fine Art sculpture and a minor in art history. Since graduating in 2005, he has managed to gain 30 years of metal fabrication experience by fitting in a 40 hour work week before Wednesday. Dillon uses his blue collar experiences together with lots of creative energy to lead our young metal department into each new project.

    Random Fact: My best welds are somewhere will no one will ever see them.

  • Louis Richardson, Design Department Lead

    Louis Richardson: Artist, gentleman, scholar, philanthropist, archeologist, thespian, Nobel laureate, Rhode scholar, cosmonaut, wu-shu master, particle physicist, bespoke craftsman; these are but a meager sampling of the words Louis knows.

    Random Fact: I like my puns intended.