This modern desk is named after the legendary newswoman, Veronica Corningstone, from the hit movie, Anchorman. Veronica Corningstone is attractive, classy, and very stylish. This desk definitely lives up to its name! It has horizontal features that add to its contemporary vibe. With an acrylic top and a sleek wood body, this desk makes a great addition to any event. A flat screen monitor displays beautiful imagery and is complimented by the bright lights that are internally lit by RGB LED tape. Talk to your lighting designer to find out how to make these lights shine. Including three different sizes, the possibilities are endless! Talk to our sales team for more information.

  • Large Size:(HxWxL):: 2'6"x4'6"x15'
  • Large Stock Color: Grey
  • Large Weight: 455 lbs
  • Medium Size:(HxWxL): 2'6"x4'6"x12'7"
  • Medium Stock Color: Grey
  • Medium Weight: 390 lbs
  • Small Size:(HxWxL): 2'6"x4'6"x9'2-1/4"
  • Small Stock Color: Grey
  • Small Weight: 260 lbs


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