New LED Inserts!

Posted on July 13th, 2016

Stockwell Panels are simple scenery pieces that can dramatically change the look of a space. Made up of wood frames with fabric inserts, they can be used as wall panels or constructed into columns of any size. Normally, the simple white fabric inserts would be your only choice, but not anymore.

At Bungalow Scenic, we are always working to expand our already vast inventory, and we are excited to announce a new product to make your event even cooler! Introducing LED Inserts for Stockwell Panels. Ta da! Maybe not the coolest sounding name but this simple product can transform any event or show. A new take on the already sophisticated, modern looking Stockwell Panels, these LED Inserts exhibit a new level of versatility. With a creative mind, the possibilities are endless with this product.

Using RGB LED tape, the inserts can glow any color imaginable making the lighting custom for your needs. These new panels can provide a textured background to be backlit with any color. With so many possible combinations, this product can make a great piece to add to any event. Contact our sales associates for more information. Product information can be found here.

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