Lighting Effects in The Event Industry

Posted on February 21st, 2019


Gone are the days of focusing on just the content coming from the speaker of an event. Today’s corporate gatherings focus in on captivating an audience with design and branding. Using dynamic lighting and visuals, large and small venues alike are able to capture more engagement from the crowd. For Example, the rolling waves of our stock Intertwines will transform an event with a variety of color settings and dimming effects. In a world of increased connectivity and expectation, it is essential for producers to focus on not only the story being told, they must also heavily focus on branding and design to bring the desired environment to life. Using our Network Panels with scrim lining and LED effects can create the statement of connectivity and togetherness at your next event. Whether creating a new insert from scratch or using one of our fantastic stock items, our team here at Bungalow Scenic Studios will no doubt bring nothing less than perfection to your next event. Bungalow Scenic Studios continues to deliver the best in LED technologies to our clients and will continue to be innovators in the field.

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