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The Robot Overlord has arrived at Bungalow!!

Bungalow Scenic Studios is proud to announce the newest member to the family, KUKA kr200, the 7 axis CNC robotic mill. This big orange brute stands resting at over 7 feet tall, has a reach longer than Stretch Armstrong and packs more horsepower than the Budweiser Clydesdales. Using computer technology more advanced than the space shuttle, KUKA can CNC perfectly accurate sculptures from a few inches high to over 10 feet tall. Whatever you need, KUKA can deliver! We use a variety of 3D rendering software to create highly detailed models that are then translated into a mystical language only KUKA can understand to use as the roadmap for milling. A short time later and voila, a finished sculpture. KUKA can cut a variety of materials from foam, wood and tooling resins to harder materials such as aluminum, marble and stone. Contact the Bungalow team now for a quote on your next sculpture project.

Out with the Old in with the New !!


All good things must come to an end…to make way for better things to happen because the best is yet to come. Bungalow Scenic Studios is proud to announce our new and improved, high-tech, state of the art, larger than life, totally revamped website! After what seemed like years of work, countless revisions, heated arguments, fistfights and one accidental dismemberment, we finally have a new presence on the internet. Welcome to, the place where magic happens and all your dreams come true. Well, maybe not but it is really cool, easy to navigate and is current to the times. Also, in the coming weeks you will be able to download PDF’s and CAD files of all our products. Check out our portfolio, meet the team and contact us today for a quote!