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Holding Your Water in Style!

In the world of water plinths, none truly compare to this one. The new Acrylic Water Plinth is definitely where you want to set your glass down. Legendary in the world of water holding, this plinth can hold water like nobody’s business. It’s simple, sleek, transparent, and is scientifically proven to carry any cup of water by our professionals here at Bungalow.

Though simple, it has a contemporary feel to it that is felt at any event. Paired with any of our other pieces from our substantial collection of scenery, you can make this water plinth shine in all its glory like it was destined to. You will get a sense of power and nobility when placing your glass upon the plinth. Why hold your glass when you can put it on a plinth? If your water wielding hand is shaking with anticipation to get the chance to place your glass on the Acrylic Water Plinth, all you have to do is click here.

New Network Panels

These new network panels are cream of the crop. The best of the best. The crème de la crème. They are better than hot donuts. Wait, I’ll take that back. Nothing is better than hot donuts. I took it a little too far there, but these new panels are pretty awesome.

Network panels are made of sturdy aluminum square bars with interconnecting rods attached to spheres in the center of the panel. They can come with or without a fabric backing and either way looks great. When put together to create a background, it looks somewhat like a spiderweb of metal that even Spider-man would envy. With lights manipulated by your lighting designer, these panels can really shine.

Network Panels have a sense of connectivity. Many companies strive to represent connectivity in their events and these network panels embody that concept. There are small and large sizes, so your company can be a little connected or a lot connected. However you put them together, these geometric panels make a wonderful background for your show. If you would like more information on this product (Why wouldn’t you?) you can click here.

New LED Inserts!

Stockwell Panels are simple scenery pieces that can dramatically change the look of a space. Made up of wood frames with fabric inserts, they can be used as wall panels or constructed into columns of any size. Normally, the simple white fabric inserts would be your only choice, but not anymore.

At Bungalow Scenic, we are always working to expand our already vast inventory, and we are excited to announce a new product to make your event even cooler! Introducing LED Inserts for Stockwell Panels. Ta da! Maybe not the coolest sounding name but this simple product can transform any event or show. A new take on the already sophisticated, modern looking Stockwell Panels, these LED Inserts exhibit a new level of versatility. With a creative mind, the possibilities are endless with this product.

Using RGB LED tape, the inserts can glow any color imaginable making the lighting custom for your needs. These new panels can provide a textured background to be backlit with any color. With so many possible combinations, this product can make a great piece to add to any event. Contact our sales associates for more information. Product information can be found here.


Reporting live from Bungalow Scenic, there has been a new product spotted in the warehouse. Is it a polished new stage? A mind boggling set? A sleek news desk? Wait, it is a news desk….This just in: The Corningstone! A state-of-the-art news desk from the brilliant minds here at Bungalow. This new NEWS desk is named after the stylish news reporter, Veronica Corningstone from the hit film, Anchorman.

A modern addition to any event, The Corningstone is made out of three sections that can be switched out to change the size of the desk. Additionally, the lights and flat screen monitor add to the desk’s contemporary vibe. I am receiving some new information… New concerns have been revealed about how difficult it will be for viewers to focus on the anchors when there is such a beautiful desk distracting them. Hopefully efforts will be made to fix this issue but we can only hope. This product can be found here. Wishing this made your day a little brighter; this is Veronica Corningstone, signing off. Thanks for stopping by San Diego.