Posted on July 13th, 2016

Reporting live from Bungalow Scenic, there has been a new product spotted in the warehouse. Is it a polished new stage? A mind boggling set? A sleek news desk? Wait, it is a news desk….This just in: The Corningstone! A state-of-the-art news desk from the brilliant minds here at Bungalow. This new NEWS desk is named after the stylish news reporter, Veronica Corningstone from the hit film, Anchorman.

A modern addition to any event, The Corningstone is made out of three sections that can be switched out to change the size of the desk. Additionally, the lights and flat screen monitor add to the desk’s contemporary vibe. I am receiving some new information… New concerns have been revealed about how difficult it will be for viewers to focus on the anchors when there is such a beautiful desk distracting them. Hopefully efforts will be made to fix this issue but we can only hope. This product can be found here. Wishing this made your day a little brighter; this is Veronica Corningstone, signing off. Thanks for stopping by San Diego.

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